YOUR TIME MATTERS - RETURN on time investment

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Another way you can level-up your character is by Lineage 2M Diamonds utilizing On-time Rewards. Equipment and other items that are essential to develop your character are dropped via notifications that are scheduled for a specific time every day. To receive these rewards, you need to look for them on the "Mail" tab, but they're time-sensitive and if you don't check your email promptly, the offers expire.

Additional support for the development of characters will be offered through a newly introduced Pass System at the game's global launch. Aden Pass is a pass that players can use that allows them to can complete tasks and obtain rewards, as well as the 'Beginner's pass and have the opportunity to play through and complete core quests as well as earn an Epic-grade skills book.

YOUR TIME MATTERS - RETURN on time investment

Lineage2M's content in games is designed to allow players to make progress through consistent gameplay. There are three ways that you could benefit from this philosophy:

Class Path: acquisition of "Class" is generally obtained via Class Cards. However, thanks to this "path" system, players can move up to a higher level of their chosen class after an appropriate level is attained and if they are consistent in your play, you're guaranteed to build up cards and increase your level.

Codex: Items accumulated during games may not be necessary at first, but that's just before you become aware of the Codex system. This system permits users to level-up using excess items they gain through gameplay. This means if you play a lot, you'll naturally attain high Codex completion, and will accumulate a variety of objects that might not be of use to cheapest Lineage 2M Diamonds your character or class however, in Lineage2M you'll earn compensatory stats and buffs for those items and the effort you put into.