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But the main thing that I've gained from the series so far is experience. Gaubert, who by his own good-humoured admission is the oldest person working at Republiqe, knows that there's a market for what he does. It's a kind of storytelling that is so important, specifically within queer culture it's a way to project confidence, it helps you to find your people. When Eliana Kuo and Lorenzo Albrighi were starting to build their circular fashion platform in March 2016, one reaction stuck with them. An investor we were pitching to asked if we were talking about a T-shirt with a Celine Bag circle on it. On our mid-pandemic Zooms, these were often the details designers got most excited about Gvasalia recalled deconstructing and upcycling his own clothes during lockdown, telling Vogue's Sarah Mower it helped him fall in love with fashion again.

When people talk about pushing boundaries, I think they often think of things that are shocking, surprising and unconventional. While there's a space and time for change, I don't necessarily think that there's a need for that at every brand. Working with Burberry, what we do is all about enhancing one's own beauty, and working with products that make you feel confident, empowered and modern. Featuring the Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, Dior Caro and Saddle, some of the House's most iconic bags have been reinvented into miniature form. Dior devotees will know that the selection of colours the bags arrive in are some of Monsieur Dior's favourite shades. Some people have Celine Handbags days when they feel more feminine, other days more masculine.

Described as her relic of being a woman and girl, Cave's jewellery which she creates within the confines of her apartment, is complex both in terms of design and execution. Custom pieces can take anywhere from weeks to months to make, the California-born creative shares. I started off buying small quantities of gems based on the colour, and then slowly introduced intermixing stones. A fixture Celine Bag Sale in Gucci's handbag lineup since its introduction in 1947, variations of the original have been worn by everyone from Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly to Kate Moss and Rihanna. Guccio Gucci and his design team created the piece in response to the rationing that occurred during World War II. When materials like leather were in short supply, the Gucci team got creative, importing bamboo from Japan and using it to fashion the distinctive lacquer handles.